Al-Aqsa was once again attacked on Wednesday by a group of over 50 extremist zionists accompanied by Israeli forces. It has been reported that five Palestinians have been injured by Israeli soldiers. The settlers toured the compound accompanied by Israeli police officers to commemorate Jerusalem Day, a national holiday in Israel celebrating the occupation of […]

Hi there lovely people, this survey is for a research project I’m working on, can you please take the time to complete it? It won’t take long I promise! Love youuuu!

The pyramids and sphinx have been beautifully illuminated in green light as The Embassy of Ireland in Cairo celebrates St. Patrick’s day in Egyptian style this afternoon. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How are you planning to celebrate?

The U.N. Commission has issued a draft on the Status of Women, a statement which has been lobbying since 1946 for the progression of the equality of women. The Commission is calling for the “elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls”. However, countries such as Egypt, Iran and Russia along with the Vatican […]

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He comes in my dreams sometimes, with eyes matching the background of the sun, but no, his eyes are not blue and the sun has lost the amber reflections of the sand, where we last walked hand by hand. We used to play scrabble, piles of…

‘Jews of Egypt’, a documentary that looks at the lives of Egyptian Jews from the 1900s to the 1950s was supposed to be screened at three national cinemas today, but Egyptian security officials have banned its screening yesterday, until further notice. The film, directed by Amir Ramses and produced by Haitham El Khamissi, was previously […]