Security officials ban ‘Jews of Egypt’

'Jews of Egypt' Documentary

‘Jews of Egypt’
, a documentary that looks at the lives of Egyptian Jews from the 1900s to the 1950s was supposed to be screened at three national cinemas today, but Egyptian security officials have banned its screening yesterday, until further notice.

The film, directed by Amir Ramses and produced by Haitham El Khamissi, was previously approved by the Ministry of Culture, and was going to be the second Egyptian documentary to be screened commercially in Egyptian cinemas.

No reason was given as to why this decision was made. It was reported that Ramses spoke about this matter on his Facebook page, saying that the National Security violated its constitutional rights since the film was approved by the censorship bureau twice before.

Ramses's Facebook Page

The documentary is described as an attempt to understand the change in the identity of the Egyptian society which morphed from a society that accepts one another into one that is segregated by religious and political beliefs, during the 20th century.

Producer Khamissi also commented on the issue on his Facebook page saying “we live in an of age of intellectual terrorism that stifles creative freedom”.

One part of his statement read as follows:

“I hold the Ministry of Culture, the Supreme Council of Culture, the Egyptian Censorship Bureau, the Ministry of Interior and the National Security responsible of all the financial and moral damages caused by this postponement.”


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