Al Aqsa attacked by Israeli settlers and military

Al-Aqsa was once again attacked on Wednesday by a group of over 50 extremist zionists accompanied by Israeli forces. It has been reported that five Palestinians have been injured by Israeli soldiers.

The settlers toured the compound accompanied by Israeli police officers to commemorate Jerusalem Day, a national holiday in Israel celebrating the occupation of East Jerusalem and implementing of racist laws.

Israeli forces are denying muslim Palestinian under the age of 50 access to Al- Aqsa.

This video shows the Israeli military brutally torturing Palestinians, obscuring their vision with pepper spray, and pushing older women.

You can see Al Sheikh Mohammad Hussein at minute 2:49  shouting out: “Allah is great, and we thank Allah.” And repeating to himself  with tears in his eyes, “what is happening here, this is criminality, even Nazis wouldn’t do this.”

This escalation came in response to preventing the Knesset’s Vice President from entering the Mosque last week, and to restore the so-called “Jewish sovereignty” over Al-Aqsa Mosque.


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